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"When you're a kid, school is your career. And if you go out of business in school, if your business goes bankrupt, if you're not having any success, you're left with almost nothing. You are poverty-stricken. Where do you go from there?"

~ Dr. Mel Levine




"Lois was very helpful and made me feel very comfortable during the assessment. She made sure I knew what was happening for each test and even though the assessment was carried out on zoom it still felt personal and I had a good connection with her. Lois was kind and even gave me a chocolate treat for finishing the test. Her diagnosis made sense and helped to explain to me how I learn and how my brain works. I am more confident to go university with a clear support plan for my studies. Thank you!" 



I am still working my way through the intricacies of the reports however I wanted to say a big thank you for working with George over the past couple of weeks and helping us help him on his learning journey.   



Thank you so much for putting together such a thorough and helpful report.  It has been really interesting to read about the different activities that you did with our daughter and the areas in which she excelled as well as those she found challenging.  It gives us a much fuller picture of her learning strengths and her learning needs.  We want to take the time to fully digest the report and the recommendations you make.  Your advice at the end for ways that she can be supported at home and in school are particularly helpful.  From talking to our daughter after she spent the morning with you, she sounded enthused about the activities she had done with you.  We are so glad that we made the decision to get her assessed.  It sounds like some of the difficulties she has will only become more exacerbated the older she becomes if she is not given the support she needs, so it is good to receive your recommendations now.



"Lois was a fantastic communicator and very accommodating during the disruption of lockdown. She organised a zoom assessment and went to great lengths to ensure that both my daughter and I were comfortable with the process. Lois listened carefully to our story and had clearly read the information provided by us and the school regarding previous and current concerns. She quickly built a rapport and I felt confident leaving her to assess my daughter. Lois answered all my questions, gave clear timelines for next steps, produced a comprehensive report and offered explanations of the terminology. At all times I felt involved in the process and the diagnosis was spot on! Thank you Lois - you exceeded expectations!"